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组委会的旅游介绍 --- 2013泰国芭提雅MMOA 萨瓦迪杯羽毛球邀请赛

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Getting There and Around the City  到那里去,环游全城吧



With its ideal location of only 150 kilometers from Bangkok, Pattaya City in Chonburi Province takes only 2 hours to reach by car. It is conveniently accessible via several routes namely the old road passing through Nongmon, the Motorway (highway number 7) passing Suvarnabhumi Airport or the Bangna-Chonburi Express Way..




Getting around the city is also a breeze. Apart from using the hotel’s limousine service, you could rent a car to drive around or just hop on the very economic “Baht Buses” that run throughout the city. These roofed pick-up trucks with 2 rows of seat cost less than half a USD per person to get to any common areas in the city and less than 2 dollars for a further or more specific destination. The city’s layout is simple and easy to remember. The coastal highway (Sukhumvit Road) runs parallel to the beach from North to South and is basically divided Na Glua, North Pattaya, Cental Pattaya, South Pattaya and Jomtien. The highway is connected to every section of the Beach Road (Thanon Had Pattaya or First Road) by a web of smaller roads (Second and Third Roads) and Sois in between so if you get lost, just go back to the highway and start again.


要在城中转悠也轻而易举。除了使用酒店的豪华轿车服务,你可以租一辆车,或者干脆跳上非常经济的“泰铢巴士”环游整个城市。这些带顶的两排座皮卡车每人只需花费不到半美元的价格就可以去城里的任何角落,不到两美元就可以去更远的或者多个目的地。城市的布局简单易记。沿海高速公路(素坤逸路)从北到南与海滩平行,基本上分为Na Glua ,北芭堤雅,中央芭堤雅,南芭堤雅和中天区。这条公路连接每一条沿海道路(第二和第三道路)和SOIS的网络之间的每一段海滩路(斯纳芭堤雅或第一道)所以,如果你迷路了,只需要返回去重新开始


World –Class Events and Festivals 世界级的活动和节日


There is always a festive event going on in this bustling city which keeps the upbeat vibe flowing. Perhaps, it is the city’s ideal location and infrastructure that make it an excellent choice for holding internationally recognized, large-scale events. Among these, you will find the Honda LPGA Tournament of 2013, the 17th World Chinese Badminton Championship in 2011, the joint Thai-American Cobra Gold military training and more.




Also very successful and highly anticipated are the city’s annual events. Among these, you will find the Pattaya International Music Festival which takes place in March. The huge event draws in tens of thousands of audiences and is held along the beach roads. On stage, one can be sure to find famous Thai and Asian artists performing different music genres like pop, rock, and R&B. Held in May.


同样非常成功和备受期待的是这个城市每年一度的盛事,是芭堤雅3月份举行的国际音乐节,这场大型活动吸引了成千上万的观众, 活动沿着海边公路举行。在舞台上,你一定可以找到不同音乐流派的著名泰国和亚洲艺术家,如流行、摇滚、蓝调等。


 Miss Tiffany’s Universe, another one of Pattaya’s legendary events- also held in May, is a transgender beauty pageant that features some of the most beautiful transvestites from around the world. Most of them are so drop-dead gorgeous it’s hard to believe they were born male. July is the month for avid runners who come to compete in the Pattaya Marathon. Participants can choose to sign up for the 10.5 km. quarter marathon, the 21 km. half marathon or the 42.2 km. marathon courses to best suit their fitness levels. There is also a 3.5 km. course for students and 42.2 km course for wheelchair participants so almost anyone can join in.





Shopping and Spa Treatments购物和水疗


After days and days of fun in the sun, it’s time to head indoors…for a bit of shopping and pampering spa treatment. Like all major tourist destinations in Thailand, there is never a shortage of shopping opportunities in Pattaya. From local handicrafts, art pieces, jewelry, international brand clothing, bags, shoes, toys or what it is you are looking for, you will love great bargains being offered everywhere you turn. Some of the places to check out would be Central Festival Shopping Mall, a huge beachside mall in central Pattaya offering shopping, entertainment and eateries; the seaside Royal Garden Plaza, an entertainment mall with retail stores and the famous ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ and ‘Louis Tussaud’s Wax Works’ in Central Pattaya; the Factory Outlet Mall on the highway between South Pattaya and Jomtien where a multitude of quality discount items are found. 






Apart from its lively beaches, without doubt, an abundance of great attractions await visitors who come to enjoy the sights and sounds of Pattaya City. From adorable (sometimes thrilling) animal shows to spectacular performances with vivid costumes and stage props or magnificent natural and manmade structures that have wowed kids and adults alike, these are the sort of things that captured the hearts of those who traveled half way across the globe to experience this small wonder of the East.




1.      Nong Nooch Garden东芭乐园


An outstanding attraction of Pattaya, Nong Nooch Garden is a great place to spend fun yet educational time with your family. The establishment has one of the most creative and exceptional gardening teams in Southeast Asia, winning several international awards including the coveted gold medal for three consecutive years since 2010 in the UK’s Chelsea Flower Show by the Royal Horticultural Society.

What’s more, their super-stars, the adorable elephants, will captivate your hearts with shows as they shake their booties, play a game of soccer, swing the hoola-hoops; and you get to feed, take pictures with them as they pick you up on their strong trunks and take you for a ride on their backs around the property. If you get hungry, food and refreshments are available in air-conditioned comfort. More fun continues as you cuddle up to pet the tigers and chimps and take a tour on an open-air tram to admire the landscaped gardens. For more information, please log on to ‘www.nongnoochtropicalgarden.com’.





2.      Pattaya Floating Market   芭提雅水上市场


Although manmade, this charming floating market is successful in capturing the essence of Thailand’s canal/ riverside way of the life. The 100,000 square meter market was opened in 2008 and quickly became one of Pattaya’s popular attractions, drawing in Thais and foreigners to relive sceneries of the by gone era. This all-wood attraction features traditional Thai style architectures which are shops built over water, connected by a web of wooden bridges and walkways. You will love shopping for souvenir items, clothing, jewelry and knick knacks like incense, wind chimes, candles and other stuff plus tasting freshly cooked traditional sweets and savory along the way at very reasonable prices. Shops and restaurants are separated into 4 regions while on the water, vendors on boats paddle by with their local delicacies like noodles and fruits or taking passengers for a ride around the market. To find out more, please go to ‘www.pattayafloatingmarket.com’




3        Sriracha Tiger Zoo拉差龙虎园

Spend an exciting day amongst intriguing, fearsome creatures at Sriracha Tiger Zoo located in Sriracha, Pattaya’s next door neighbor. Be fascinated with live performances, including tiger shows featuring full-grown Bengal tigers jumping through loops of fire. Even more heart-stopping is the crocodile show where trainers put their hands and heads into the gaping jaws of death as audiences cover their eyes with anticipation. On a lighter side, kids will enjoy watching suckling pigs playing with tiger cubs, a motherly tigress looking after little pigs like they were her own and mother pig nursing tiger cubs. These heart-warming scenes are true reminders of how innocent young life can be. You can also bottle-feed the cubs, feed crocodiles using a pole, watch elephant and pig shows, ride elephants on wooden seats and more. please visit ‘www.tigerzoo.com’.




4 Live Performances- Alangkarn and Transvestite Shows艺城秀和人妖表演


For great shows not to be missed while in Pattaya, the first recommendation is the cultural Alangkarn Show which features a 70-meter long Hexa stage, elaborate costumes, amazing props, laser techniques and marvelous lights and surround-sounds system in a 2,000-seat theatre. You will be transported into another place and time, like in the middle of an Ayutthaya battle with soldiers sword-fighting on live elephants. Depictions of scenes from the great Indian epic, Ramayana, cultural dances and angels flying overhead will keep audiences captivated throughout the two hour performance. Shows are offered every evening at 6- 8pm after audiences enjoy their scrumptious buffet dinner at 5pm.

Transvestite shows have been a big part of Pattaya’s tourism industry for decades. No visit to this seaside town is complete without sitting in on live shows performed by all-male casts. The amazing part is that most of these male-born performers look like drop-dead gorgeous women who belong in beauty pageants. Audiences will be bedazzled as they lip-sync and dance to a series of popular music while their skimpy costumes sway and sparkle in the spotlight. There are 3 rounds of shows per day at 6:00, 7:30 and 9:00pm at Tiffany’s and 6:30, 8:00 and 9:30 pm at Alcazar’s. For more information, please go to ‘www.tiffany-show.co.th’.






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